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The Mystery Of Crowns and Eternal Reward


Every Organization, nation or kingdom have systems by which it functions. For anyone to function correctly and excel in such an entity, he or she must first be tutored and trained in a formal and structured way, to become acquainted with the ways and systems of that entity.

As such, every nation or kingdom has systems of formal learning in place, to impart knowledge, groom individuals, and award degrees or certifications and endorse its students as fit, equipped and ready to operate successfully in the larger society. These formal institutions of learning are called Schools

Students spend a specific length of time in the four walls of a school- learning, being trained and being prepared to function effectively in the larger society. In a university, they cannot be deemed fully prepared until they have exhausted the stipulated subjects in their curriculum, completed the mandatory industrial training, and passed relevant examinations, all within the stipulated number of years for their course of study.

In the same way, the earth in which we live in, is a university, bound in time. It is a preparatory place for every man created in the image and likeness of God.

For a deeper understanding of Eternal Life and Eternal Reward, I highly recommend reading the book “The Mystery Of Crowns and Eternal Reward” authored by renowned theologian and prophet, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth.

The Mystery Of Crowns And Eternal Rewards

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