COURTFARE – Advanced Prayer Series


Day and Night, our adversary, the Devil- the accuser of the brethren, accuses us before the Courts of Heaven, and seeks to obtain injunctions to stop us from receiving answers to prayers, and hinder us from walking in the fullness of God’s purpose for our lives.

There are Courts in heaven and the judgement in those courts determines what happens on the earth. This revelatory study course series by Dr Isaiah Wealth takes the believer through the procedures for operating in the courts of heaven to receive restoration and enforce the will of God in their lives

This all- compassing book on the subject of courtfare will deliver to you the revelation of:

  • The Dress Code for Entering the Courts of Heaven
  •  How to Obtain a Change of Garment from the Court of Heaven
  • How to Break Strongholds from the Courts of Heaven
  •  How to Redeem Your Lineage from the Courts of Heaven
  •  How to Unlock Your Destiny from the Court …………….and several other revelatory texts




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