Managing Career, Business And Ministry


Over the years, there has been a growing level of complacency and indifference in many Christian workers who struggles to effectively combine their assignment with the schedule of their job, career or ministry. While some build their occupation or business endeavour as an escape route from doing church ministry work or as an excuse for doing it haphazardly, others have lost focus about the assignment of soul winning and discipleship. And for many who have managed to keep their zeal alive, most do not know how to carry out lay ministry while maintaining a strong schedule of career and business.

In this book, Dr Isaiah Wealth aligns with the call of the spirit for lay ministers to begin to take their place the work of the ministry

In it, you would learn about;

Lay Ministry vs Full Time Ministry
The Foundation for Lay Ministry
Developing strength for Lay Ministry
The Anointing for Lay Ministry
Leadership in Lay Ministry
Overcoming the Challenges of Lay Ministry

…………….. And much more




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