Praying Through The Psalms


Praying through the Psalms is the first in the Praying Through The Bible Series. The
idea of finding prayers in every chapter of the bible came to me one day as I sought
the Lord in prayers of restoration. He showed me how I could pray through the bible
chapter by chapter and experience restoration and acceleration. My experience with
the prayers in the books of Psalm was awesome and right now we are in the process
of making other prayer books for the Epistles, Gospels, Pentateuch, Proverbs, Kings
and Judges. I really cannot wait to bring them to you and to enjoy them myself.

You might not find all the prayers word for word in the chapters where we culled them, but
you will surely find the reasons for them. These prayers include prayers of consecration,
praise, confession, supplication, warfare and lots more.
The Praying Through Series gives you biblical words to use in prayer and the discipline to
pray yourself into a glorious experience. I believe you will have a testimony as you pray along.
Watch out for the other books in this series. May God’s blessings remain with you.


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