The Mystery Of Altars


An altar is a technology for communicating and
teleporting between two realms. It is a mystery that is replete all over the
scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.
Before the Law, the revelation of altars existed, and in the Law, altars existed. We also see
altars in the New Testament, and even in the Book of Revelation. The revelation of altars is
thus key to spiritual power, and this is why the people of the occult world and the kingdom of
Satan do not joke with it. Unfortunately, the church that should be the custodian of the
revelation of altars has since lost its principles. Churches now have stages instead of altars.
This is sad.
Can this be the reason why when people seek power, they would rather go to the negative
world, the occult, New Age etc.? Today, we hear of even pastors who go to the negative
world to seek power, but we do not hear of the reverse. We never hear of a herbalist or cult
leader who went to seek power in the church, because the church is no longer the house of
power that it was known for in the past.

In this book, I will share with you many deep secrets, many of which will be new to you. I
advise you to take time to meditate and research for yourself. The Lord has trusted me with
so much revelation for our day, and not only have I taught these, I have seen the results and
testimonies abound. This is why in the appendix of this book, I have shared testimonies
from some of the people who have practiced the revelation published in this book because
the results cannot lie.
As a church, get ready for a backlash with the kingdom of darkness in the final days before
the return of Christ. It is important we add to our armoury the weapon called ALTAR. I
believe it is the Lord who is preparing us as a body and equipping us with this truth at this
I pray for you that as you read, you will receive insights by the power of the Holy Ghost. God
bless you!



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