The Mystery Of Crowns And Eternal Rewards


This is why it is imperative that we seek to understand the mystery of crowns,God’s requirements for obtaining them, His system of preparation for those who would qualify to recieve them, and how you can contend for your own crown. This would be the focus of this book.
In this book, you would be learning about:

–   Earth:The University Of The Kingdom
–   Kingdom Business And Industrial Training
–    The Rapture: Life’s Convocation
–    Graduation, Certificates, and Crowns
–    Certificate For Overcoming Temptation
–    Certificate For Those Who Shepherd The Flock
–    Certificate For Finishing Your Course
–    Certificate For Soul Winning
–    Fighting For Your Crown
–    The Crown Of Life
–    The Crown Of Glory
–    The Crown Of Righteousness
–    The  Crown Of Rejoicing
Get ready to secure your eternal crowns and rewards as you read this book

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