WITNESSING: Study Course Series


Witnessing is the Essence and Purpose of the church. The concept should hence be understood in its entirety. Jesus gave this all-important calling at His ascension because it is the heartbeat of the Father. Sadly, most people and churches have not fully understood it, making the church ineffective in its fulfilment.

It is a lot more than preaching from street to street, morning cries or even mega crusades. Though these are very important in witnessing, they are perhaps just a minute part of the process.

This book aims to enunciate the concept of witnessing as a process that requires the right consciousness, attitude and sacrifice and the role of the church, individuals and groups in effective witnessing.

In this book you would learn:

  • The Wisdom of Witnessing
  •  The Witness oil and wine
  •  The witness and his beast
  •  The witness and his inn
  •  The inn mentality ………and lots more


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