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Victory over the Spirit of Fear, Anxiety And Confusion


In these modern times, fear has become one of the adversary’s most powerful weapons, used to keep people in bondage and ultimately destroy their bodies and souls. It has been a potent tool in constraining and constricting millions of believers around the world, as well as many others whom the Lord seeks to save.

Moreover, many people suffer from phobias, extreme or irrational fears or aversions to something, someone, or a situation. Science has shown that fear is detrimental to the human body and can result in various physical and mental disorders. It all begins in the mind, and these thoughts can have a profound impact on every cell in the body.

However, in the truest sense, fear is originally a spirit. It infests the atmosphere or the human mind, sowing uncertainty about the outcome of life. This is done to create an access route for the adversary to penetrate or steal from a person. The Bible addresses this in 2 Timothy 1:7, stating that “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, of power, and of a sound mind.” God has given us the power to use His word, as well as love and a sound mind, which we can activate in times of need as we meditate on His promises.

It’s important for believers to understand that fear is not from God. Instead, we are called to embrace love, power, and a sound mind. By focusing on God’s promises and activating these gifts, we can overcome fear and live in the freedom that God intends for us.

For a deeper understanding of Eternal Life and Eternal Reward, I highly recommend reading the book “Victory over the Spirit of Fear, Anxiety And Confusion” authored by renowned theologian and prophet, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth.

Victory over the Spirit of Fear, Anxiety And Confusion

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